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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment or Endodontics is the removal of the inner infected nerve of the tooth.

If a tooth has been decayed or broken so that the inner part of the tooth is involved – the nerve or pulp, then it is beyond treatment with just a simple filling. First the infected or damaged nerve and structure must be removed. Once this has been removed we cleanse and shape the inner canal to prevent reinfection and then seal fully.

Root Canal Treatment is a much more straightforward treatment than it ever used to be due to the advent of far superior equipment that allows great access and cleansing capability of the canal structure. We do our upmost to save teeth and will advise if we feel a root canal treatment is necessary.

Once a tooth has been endodontically treated we usually restoring with a crown or onlay, again you will be advised as to the best course of action for you. We usually restore like this as root treated teeth can be more brittle and can break easily if not strengthened with such a restoration.