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When teeth are missing, they can be replaced using removable dentures.

Dentures are particularly useful when multiple teeth are missing or if quite a lot of bone support has been lost. A denture can be utilised to give support back to the soft tissues of the cheeks and lips to help restore facial shape.

Dentures are made primarily of acrylic, but sometimes we use cobalt chromium frameworks to aid retention with clasps on natural teeth. They can be used to replace just a few teeth or be a full replacement for an entire jaw. Our skilled clinical dental technician is able to carry out the clinical stages in the surgery and construct the dentures in the laboratory meaning only a single person is involved in the entire process.

Dentures need to be removed for cleansing twice a day the same as natural teeth. It is a common misconception that dentures must be removed at night, however exceptional denture hygiene must be followed if you choose to wear your dentures while you sleep. The gums underneath still need to be kept healthy and even patients with full dentures should have regular checks to ensure the gums stay healthy and to have mouth cancer screening.